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Freelance Animation by Tom Davis

Let's work together to put your story into motion.

With nearly twenty years behind me in the animation/motion graphics industry, I specialize in animation production for everything from explainer videos to television ads and everything in between. Want an animated video to announce a new product? I'm your guy! Need a video to explain how your new business impacts the world around you? Count me in! Want to educate your YouTube audience through social awareness campaigns? I can help!

My services include storyboards, animatics, design, asset creation, and animation production. Take a look at some of my work and when you're ready - let's chat about your next project!

I've Made a Few Friends Along the Way

Need more convincing? Here's some nice things people have said about me.

"Tom is an amazing character designer and collaborator. I greatly appreciated his transparency regarding the creative process. He always made sure that I knew what he was working on and when to expect an item to be delivered. He was professional, enthusiastic, and engaged throughout the project. Overall, Tom is super fun to work with and I highly recommend him."

-Layla Soileau, Owner - Curious Little Films

"Tom is a pleasure to work with. He provided frequent updates on his progress, which kept the project on track and allowed for collaboration each step of the way. His work is of extremely high caliber and very professional, and anyone should feel confident in his abilities. I would highly recommend Tom, and am confident that anyone would be extremely satisfied with his work."

-Jared Iversen, Independent Filmmaker

"Tom Davis is an extremely talented animator and a pleasure to work with. I’ve been fortunate to work with Tom on a number of projects and he has exceeded my expectations, as well as our clients each time. Tom balances a fast-paced work style with an attention to detail that has lead to successful project after successful project. He has the ability to take complex business processes and messaging, and turn them into simple, relatable, and engaging stories. Beyond Tom’s artistic talent, he is extremely personable, making lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. I would highly recommend Tom."

-Matt Arnold, Growth Strategist - Differential

Let's Work Together!

Reach out and let's talk about your next project!

I understand that every project is unique, and it's important to shop around for the perfect fit. I'm easy to talk to and I'll get back with you quickly. Send me an email and let me know what you're looking for. I'm happy to share my availability, pricing structure and level of experience with you! Click here to email me at finetooned@gmail.com today!